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How Inclusive Financing Can Help You

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Cobb EMC Forum Hosted Inclusive Financing Round Table  – May 23, 2019

Cobb EMC Forum’s Round Table discussion on Inclusive Financing at Olde Towne Athletic Club (for fans – it’s the home of the Ginepri Performance Tennis Academy). The Round Table was attended by an engaged group of Cobb EMC Members along with Tim Jarrell, Cobb EMC’s Vice President of Power Supply and Planning, and Cobb EMC’s District 5 Director, Tripper Sharp. The result was a very lively exchange of information. For those who missed out, click here for a 100 second video that summarizes what how an Inclusive Financing program can help you save money and help lower fossil fuel emissions through improved energy efficiency. You can also review a one page synopsis of how Inclusive Financing works and see the presentation by Cobb EMC Forum to kick off the discussion.

Under the direction of CEO Peter Heintzelmen, Cobb EMC board members are considering offering an Inclusive Financing program to Member-Owners. Inclusive Financing is a big win for Member-Owners because it removes possible barriers that Member-Owners may face when trying to make necessary energy efficient upgrades in their homes and businesses.

Click here to email the Cobb EMC Board of Directors to tell them you support Inclusive Financing!

Alternatively, depending on your role in the community, sign one of the following petitions to support implementation of an Inclusive Financing program at Cobb EMC:

  • Community leader petition

  • Elected official petition

  • Pastor / faith leader petition

Currently, the board is only considering this program, but they are slated to make a decision soon. We as Member-Owners can support them in this endeavor by letting them know we believe this program would be great for Member-Owners, great for our EMC and great for the environment. More information on the program is below as well as links from other EMCs that have successfully implemented the program. Please forward to neighbors and friends. This is our EMC we must stay involved!

What is Inclusive Financing for energy efficiency? Inclusive Financing is a program that helps Member-Owners pursue improvements, like better insulation or heating and air upgrades. The amazing aspect is that the upfront costs of the upgrades are paid by the utility (Cobb EMC). These energy efficient upgrades lower the cost of the monthly utility bills immediately and the savings are used by the customer to pay back the cost through a fee added to the monthly bill. If properly implemented, even with the fee, the utility bill is less than it was prior to the upgrades. Unlike loan-based programs (which is what Cobb EMC currently offers), Inclusive Financing is open to all Member-Owners in good standing, regardless of their income, credit score, or renter status.

Are there any benefits to the EMC? Inclusive Financing programs result in lower demand costs for the EMC and increased Member-Owner satisfaction. Roanoke EMC in North Carolina adopted Inclusive Financing and in addition to helping Member-Owners the EMC actually saved money because the lower demand positioned the EMC to purchase less power from it’s suppliers. The best part is that the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is currently offering EMCs access to 0% interest capital for energy efficiency and renewable energy.  We call that a win-win.

Are there any benefits to the environment and community? Offering energy efficiency inclusive financing will allow Cobb EMC to reduce the amount of power used by the entire service territory. When we consume less power, we reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants, conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from destruction. By taking steps to reduce our energy intake we’ll contribute to a healthier and happier world.

Click here to see a video of Inclusive Financing at work.

Click here to see a detailed webinar for even more info.

Click here to email the board in support of Inclusive Financing or use the contact info below to call or draft your own email!

District 1

Edward Crowell (vice chair)


District 2

Rudy Underwood


District 3

Kelly Bodner


District 4

David McClellan


District 5

Tripper Sharp


District 6

David Tennant


District 7

Malcolm Swanson


District 8

Bryan Boyd


District 9

Eric Broadwell


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