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Cobb EMC Needs to Be More Open

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Cobb EMC Lacks Transparency in Hiring of New Top Executives

Given the history of Cobb EMC’s former CEO Dwight Brown, it would seem reasonable that Cobb EMC would conduct its search for a new top executive in an open and transparent fashion, sharing the details of the search process as well as finalist candidates with Member/Owners. On March 8, 2018 Cobb EMC announced the hiring of a new CEO, Peter Heintzelman. While our EMC Chairman claimed that Mr. Heintzelman was identified through “a thorough and diligent search process” there was no transparency regarding the details of that process, or the candidates or finalists, despite a request from Cobb EMC Forum President Mark Hackett in early February. Most recently, Cobb EMC hired a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to replace former CFO Robert Steele in an equally guarded and secretive process. It is important to understand that Chip Nelson, Cobb EMC’s CEO for the last six and half years, served as Dwight Brown’s second in command for the seven years prior. Also, Robert Steele, having served as Dwight Brown’s Chief Financial Officer, also continued on in that role for the last six and a half years as well. Now, having finally moved to replace Dwight Brown’s senior staff, the details of the process, candidates and finalists should be shared with Members.

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